There is a secret to creating awesome drawings that people love to look at, but…

you won’t believe it.

Ugly drawings can be better than perfectly drawn artwork.

When you are just starting out drawing, most artists have the wrong goal…

Most artists want their drawings to look like they can draw really well, but…

People don’t want to look at your drawings because they look like you can draw…

People want to look at your drawings because…

they are interesting.  The best artists are not the best skilled artists…

they are artists who are original!

The #1 secret for being an amazing artist is to learn some simple techniques and then make the drawings your own.

Cool things to draw is dedicated to showing you how to bring the amazing artist that is inside of you out!

Don’t believe me?  Here is a great example….

This amazing artist got fired from Disney…but everyone loves his art!

Watch this little known video!  It is old and not great quality but the message holds the most important secret to drawing cool things that people love to look at!

WARNING:  You’ll be SHOCKED How EASY it is for you to DRAW after…

Learning FROM the BEST & CHEESIEST drawing teacher on the planet!

Don’t make this mistake…

Don’t ignore the amazing and easy drawing tips and tricks that are found in this video.

GET OVER the “OLD” look of this video and UNLOCK the Awesome ARTIST you HAVE inSide!

There are so many fundamental drawing ideas and tricks in this drawing tutorial that…

I’ve placed it first on the list of cool things to draw, but…

If you are just beginning to learn how to draw,

you’ll quickly take the ideas from this awesome artist and start using them in your own creations.

I love this video because it goes beyond just step-by-step drawings.  It teaches you…


WARNING:  If you watch this drawing tutorial, you’ll get addicted to drawing in 3-d…

There is a SECRET to Better Drawings That Takes Less Than 30 seconds to Master and the best thing about it is…

After you master this trick, all of your drawings will get instantly better!

What’s the drawing secret?

Fight the White

Fight the White?  What does that mean?

Fighting the white means that you, as the person drawing, control the white space on the drawing.

You’ll be amazed by this simple trick.

Create a very simple drawing of a person using only a black pen.

Don’t over think it.  Don’t add any details and don’t color.Take only 1-2 minutes.

Now, watch what happens when you try this cool drawing trick…

Simply, color with pattern?  What?

That’s right, color with pattern!

Watch this video.  Pick one of the patterns in it and fill that pattern in the hat, shirt or pants of the character you drew.

Amazing!  You have just learned how to fight the white!  Keep going and you’ll see that your simple drawing looks ten times as good!

Why not learn to draw from the master of comic books?  

This video is older, but it will teach beginning artist some great basic drawing fundamentals.

You are bound to get inspired after watching this…

If you’re a younger artist, you might not be aware of how many characters Stan Lee has created with his writing and sketches.

It is best to learn the basics from one of the best and then develop your own signature style.

I searched around to find a the best online video tutorial for you.  Here it is!

Get out the paper and pencil, you will need it to after this ignites your imagination!

Solid and strong drawing techniques are provided in this next video.

It is quick, but

you will discover a more modern take on drawing.

Again, learn the fundamentals first and you will get lots of your own drawing ideas for characters and art.

Beginning artists looking for cool things to draw can learn so much from just watching experts draw.

Here is another great drawing tutorial that anyone can follow along with.  There are a lot of great little techniques and tips in this video.


There is another amazing drawing technique that can make your drawings awesome…

Give your drawings energy!

One of the easiest ways to do this is learning how to draw things that look like they are moving.  What better way to do this than to learn from artists who do it all the time…


Try to draw something called the walk cycle.  This is something every animator has to be able to do make their cartoons move but you can do it to help you…

make your drawings amazing!

Watching this video can give you some basics about how to make cool characters…

How to Draw A COOL Character

What does it take come up with a drawing that turns into a world famous character?

Here is a great little drawing video that is sure to give beginning artists lots of ideas and…

it is just plain fun to watch!

Would you like to learn to draw a cat?

Watch this video to see how the creator of Garfield (Jim Davis) draws.  You see how he uses just a few simple shapes to draw along with one great drawing tip…

A FEW GOOD Drawing Tips Can Instantly Make Your Drawings Better!

Here is a great video with some very simple ideas that will lead to cool things to draw!




Cool THINGS to DRAW: Easy Things for Beginners Using GOOGLE DRAWINGS

It is easy for anyone to create cool professional looking drawings in minutes using GOOGLE drawings!

The neat things about creating drawings digitally is that it helps beginning artists to see how drawings are built using just a few basic shapes.

This knowledge can instantly be used to make amazing drawings using pencil and paper.

In the tutorial below, I will take you through some simple drawing basics using google drawings.

In this video, you get some cool ideas for creating your own drawings. If you have never created your own drawings digitally, Google drawings is a great platform to see if it interests you.

Draw THIS NOW! Cool THINGS to Draw

Cool Things to Draw
Cool Things to Draw

The world needs you to bring your drawings to life!

I don’t think a lot of young artists realize that drawing cool things happens from making lots and lots of mistakes.  You must make mistakes to make great art!  Drawing is problem solving.

This thought popped into my head as I was creating a page from my soon-to-be released book, The Underwear Wolf.  There is a page in the book where my character, The Underwear Wolf, meets up with a silly hippopotamus.  What hippopotamus isn’t silly.  Just saying hippopotamus makes me smile.

I made a really cool drawing of a hippopotamus while creating the book.

how to draw a hippopotomuse

Tell me this guy isn’t lovable, go on, I dare you.  Anyway, This drawing led me to other cool thing to draw that really challenged me as an artists, but I was reminded the failure is the key to success.

Here is the cool thing to try to draw.  I promise that if you accomplish this drawing, you will get better at art.  By doing little challenges like this, you will teach yourself how to draw. You don’t need a fancy drawing school, just cool drawing challenges and the willingness to try and try again.

So, here is the challenge I am faced with:

On the next page of the book, The Underwear Wolf, this hippo is supposed to put on the underwear he is holding in the drawing above.  The idea of it just makes me laugh.  A hippopotamus trying putting on underwear, AWESOME!   Or so I thought.

I have a vision in my head, but it is hard to draw a hippopotamus putting on underwear.  Luckily, I have been here before.  I always fail at drawing before I succeed.

I think that is the difference between someone who is good at drawing and someone who thinks the can’t draw.  The artist knows that if he just keeps trying, he will eventually get it.  That is where I am right now.

Check out the drawings below.  Certainly not cool.  Certainly not good, but I know that if I just keep working.  If I just keep drawing and erasing and drawing and erasing, I will eventually hit on something that looks is a great piece of art.  Professional artists get frustrated just like you.  The only difference is that they keep going.

It doesn’t mean that I am not a good artist because I can’t draw it the first time. It means that I am getting better.  In the drawings below, you can see that they are not good, but I just keep sketching.

When I sketch, I am looking for a doodle with “feeling.”  Most of these drawings don’t look great, but there are one or two that have a “feel”  that I am looking for.  When I find one of these, I go back a practice different versions of that same drawing over and over again.  A funny thing happens when you try to do this, new and interesting ideas will pop into your head.  This is a great way to get drawing ideas.  

I think beginning artists think that some people can draw and others can’t.  That’s not true.  Drawing cool things is a skill that anyone can master with practice.

I think that is why I love drawing so much.  It is never the same.  It is always a journey of discovery.

I hope you create an amazing drawing today.  There are cool things to draw everywhere you look, so get drawing.

Cool things to draw #26:  

Level: Hard

Draw a hippopotamus putting on underwear.

cool things to draw hippo sketch1 cool things to draw hippo sketch2 cool things to draw hippo sketch 3 hippopotamus sketch

I’m not there yet, but I will continue to sketch.  Do any of these sketches jump out at you.  There are a few that I feel have the chance to become a page in my book, The Underwear Wolf, but I am still drawing.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

how to draw a hippopotamus


The drawing above is starting to have the feeling that I am looking for.  It is not a good drawing yet, but it has “something” in it, a certain energy.  I will now draw more and more of these drawings to get a final sketch.

The hippo needs more weight and the underwear needs to be smaller.  I think this will make this a much more interesting drawing for kids.

how to draw a hippopotamus2

In the drawing above, I am finally getting to something that has the feel of what I am going for.  I feel like the weight of the drawing of the hippo has a better feel to it.  I will focus on making this drawing better and better before I ink and color.  Again, notice all the drawing mistakes.


See more at www.coolthingstodraw.com
See more at www.coolthingstodraw.com

Now, check out the drawing above.  It is pretty awesome now, but I didn’t just draw it.  It took a lot of hard work and a lot of sketching.  That’s what it takes to draw awesome things.  You just have to push yourself to keep going.

If you are looking for easy things to draw to get you started.  I am in the process of creating an online drawing school.  Here you will be able to learn cool drawing tips that took me years to figure out.  You can be a great artist!  Keep checking the website for easy drawing tutorials for beginners.  

Soon you will be able to join my online drawing course.  I am super excited to reveal the drawing course to the world.  It will have really easy drawing tutorials that will show anyone how easy it is to draw cool things.



COOL Easy Things to DRAW that WILL Help YOU REMEMBER!

  • cropped-cool-things-to-draw-header1.png


I am writing this post because I love when students increase their test scores and realize that they can learn.  More importantly, I love when they use cool things to draw to get better grades and to enjoy school more.

Silly drawings can help you in school.  It is a fact supported by BRAIN RESEARCH!

What if I told you that instead of hating studying you could learn to love it?  What if I told you that there are some super easy ways to draw cool things that will help you understand and remember important information?

Drawing cool things is a powerful learning weapon.  If you learn to use drawing correctly when you study it is possible to double, triple or even quadruple the speed at which you study and retain information.

My students are happier, they have more fun in class and most importantly they no longer forget the meaning of super important vocabulary words.  All by learning about some cool easy things to draw that boost brain power.

How does it work?

Most students don’t tap into their brain’s most powerful tool for learning, their imaginations.    Cool things to draw can help you access the right side of your brain when you study.  When you use both sides of your brain to learn, you increase the speed at which you remember information, not only that, it’s fun.  The best thing of all is that after a few training sessions of learning cool things to draw,  it will be like you flicked a switch on your imagination.   Vocabulary words will come alive in ways you never thought possible, all while you are doodling silly pictures.

Let me show you how it works.


1001 Cool Things to Draw with a Few Simple Shapes!

I remember hearing a Disney cartoonist give a talk about his time drawing for Disney.  He was a good artist, but when he got to Disney they retrained him to draw “the Disney way”.

After I thought about this for a bit, it made sense.  I mean all the Disney movies need to look like Disney movies, so Disney actually changed the way this great artist drew.  Now, he drew Disney things amazingly well!  He now went around teaching kids how to draw the characters from Disney movies step-by-step.  As an artist, this was one of the most depressing things I had ever heard.

Cool Things to Draw is not about copying.  It is about being you, letting your personality come out of your drawings, even if they are ugly.  Some of my favorite artists are not great artist, but their art is fun to look at.  It has a life to it.  It is them.  It is drawing with personality.

I have some news for you.  No one cares how well you draw a Disney character even if it looks perfect.  What will change the world is you creating original things that are all your own.

I am in the process of doing just that right now.  I have three characters that have come to life.  This is the coolest stage of drawing cool things.  Your characters actually come alive.  You start to draw because you want to find out what the characters do.  I am positive I have a character that will change the world.  I can’t wait to release him.

Cool things to draw is about unlocking “you”!  The tips presented in the FREE ebooks and drawing tutorials that you will find on this site are about learning a few drawing techniques that can be repeated over and over again to help you discover and endless supply of cool things to draw.

Most of these beginner drawing ideas are easy to use now.  You don’t need to have a step-by-step guide in front of you.  You can learn a technique now and be using it to create cool easy original drawings that will inspire your friends and amaze your family.

Discover cool things to draw that are waiting to be unlocked from your imagination.

When I show students cool things to draw, I like to start out with the three drawing ideas in this post.  The first one is a hole.  It is simple and easy but holes are used over and over again in a thousand different ways to give you thousands of different drawing ideas.  I will show some of the cool easy drawing ideas in a video.  They are really endless.


Epic Landscapes You Can Draw in Minutes!

cool-easy-things-to-draw-3d-workbookDiscover your hidden artistic ability in minutes! If you can write your name, you have all the skills you need to draw cool things, now!  I was tired of hearing my students tell me that they can’t draw, and I created this FREE resource to show them how easy it is to draw cool things.  You’ll be AMAZED by how easy it is to draw EPIC LANDSCAPES in minutes!

Looking for Cool Easy Things to DRAW?

I’ve compiled a great starter pack of some the best , easy, step-by-step drawing lessons that have help my students gain confidence in their creativity.

I love the looks on MY student faces after they discover “I CAN DRAW!”  It opens up a new world of creative adventures to my students that I want to share with the world!

Cool Things To Draw: The 12 Minute ONLINE Drawing Course That WORKS!

Cool Things to Draw.com: The Internets #1 Resource for Kids Who Love to Draw
Cool Things to Draw.com: The Internets #1 Resource for  Kids Who Love to Draw

Drawing isn’t a magical gift or a special talent, it is a skill.  I have created my unique ONLINE ART CLASSES to prove that to the world!  If you can write your name, I can teach you to draw realistically in 12 minutes, find out how… Continue reading “Cool Things To Draw: The 12 Minute ONLINE Drawing Course That WORKS!”