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COOL Easy Things to DRAW that WILL Help YOU REMEMBER!

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I am writing this post because I love when students increase their test scores and realize that they can learn.  More importantly, I love when they use cool things to draw to get better grades and to enjoy school more.

Silly drawings can help you in school.  It is a fact supported by BRAIN RESEARCH!

What if I told you that instead of hating studying you could learn to love it?  What if I told you that there are some super easy ways to draw cool things that will help you understand and remember important information?

Drawing cool things is a powerful learning weapon.  If you learn to use drawing correctly when you study it is possible to double, triple or even quadruple the speed at which you study and retain information.

My students are happier, they have more fun in class and most importantly they no longer forget the meaning of super important vocabulary words.  All by learning about some cool easy things to draw that boost brain power.

How does it work?

Most students don’t tap into their brain’s most powerful tool for learning, their imaginations.    Cool things to draw can help you access the right side of your brain when you study.  When you use both sides of your brain to learn, you increase the speed at which you remember information, not only that, it’s fun.  The best thing of all is that after a few training sessions of learning cool things to draw,  it will be like you flicked a switch on your imagination.   Vocabulary words will come alive in ways you never thought possible, all while you are doodling silly pictures.

Let me show you how it works.