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Cool Things to Draw

Cool Things to Draw

The world needs you to bring your drawings to life!

I don’t think a lot of young artists realize that drawing cool things happens from making lots and lots of mistakes.  You must make mistakes to make great art!  Drawing is problem solving.

This thought popped into my head as I was creating a page from my soon-to-be released book, The Underwear Wolf.  There is a page in the book where my character, The Underwear Wolf, meets up with a silly hippopotamus.  What hippopotamus isn’t silly.  Just saying hippopotamus makes me smile.

I made a really cool drawing of a hippopotamus while creating the book.

how to draw a hippopotomuse

Tell me this guy isn’t lovable, go on, I dare you.  Anyway, This drawing led me to other cool thing to draw that really challenged me as an artists, but I was reminded the failure is the key to success.

Here is the cool thing to try to draw.  I promise that if you accomplish this drawing, you will get better at art.  By doing little challenges like this, you will teach yourself how to draw. You don’t need a fancy drawing school, just cool drawing challenges and the willingness to try and try again.

So, here is the challenge I am faced with:

On the next page of the book, The Underwear Wolf, this hippo is supposed to put on the underwear he is holding in the drawing above.  The idea of it just makes me laugh.  A hippopotamus trying putting on underwear, AWESOME!   Or so I thought.

I have a vision in my head, but it is hard to draw a hippopotamus putting on underwear.  Luckily, I have been here before.  I always fail at drawing before I succeed.

I think that is the difference between someone who is good at drawing and someone who thinks the can’t draw.  The artist knows that if he just keeps trying, he will eventually get it.  That is where I am right now.

Check out the drawings below.  Certainly not cool.  Certainly not good, but I know that if I just keep working.  If I just keep drawing and erasing and drawing and erasing, I will eventually hit on something that looks is a great piece of art.  Professional artists get frustrated just like you.  The only difference is that they keep going.

It doesn’t mean that I am not a good artist because I can’t draw it the first time. It means that I am getting better.  In the drawings below, you can see that they are not good, but I just keep sketching.

When I sketch, I am looking for a doodle with “feeling.”  Most of these drawings don’t look great, but there are one or two that have a “feel”  that I am looking for.  When I find one of these, I go back a practice different versions of that same drawing over and over again.  A funny thing happens when you try to do this, new and interesting ideas will pop into your head.  This is a great way to get drawing ideas.  

I think beginning artists think that some people can draw and others can’t.  That’s not true.  Drawing cool things is a skill that anyone can master with practice.

I think that is why I love drawing so much.  It is never the same.  It is always a journey of discovery.

I hope you create an amazing drawing today.  There are cool things to draw everywhere you look, so get drawing.

Cool things to draw #26:  

Level: Hard

Draw a hippopotamus putting on underwear.

cool things to draw hippo sketch1 cool things to draw hippo sketch2 cool things to draw hippo sketch 3 hippopotamus sketch

I’m not there yet, but I will continue to sketch.  Do any of these sketches jump out at you.  There are a few that I feel have the chance to become a page in my book, The Underwear Wolf, but I am still drawing.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

how to draw a hippopotamus


The drawing above is starting to have the feeling that I am looking for.  It is not a good drawing yet, but it has “something” in it, a certain energy.  I will now draw more and more of these drawings to get a final sketch.

The hippo needs more weight and the underwear needs to be smaller.  I think this will make this a much more interesting drawing for kids.

how to draw a hippopotamus2

In the drawing above, I am finally getting to something that has the feel of what I am going for.  I feel like the weight of the drawing of the hippo has a better feel to it.  I will focus on making this drawing better and better before I ink and color.  Again, notice all the drawing mistakes.


See more at

See more at

Now, check out the drawing above.  It is pretty awesome now, but I didn’t just draw it.  It took a lot of hard work and a lot of sketching.  That’s what it takes to draw awesome things.  You just have to push yourself to keep going.

If you are looking for easy things to draw to get you started.  I am in the process of creating an online drawing school.  Here you will be able to learn cool drawing tips that took me years to figure out.  You can be a great artist!  Keep checking the website for easy drawing tutorials for beginners.  

Soon you will be able to join my online drawing course.  I am super excited to reveal the drawing course to the world.  It will have really easy drawing tutorials that will show anyone how easy it is to draw cool things.



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