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There is a secret to creating awesome drawings that people love to look at, but…

you won’t believe it.

Ugly drawings can be better than perfectly drawn artwork.

When you are just starting out drawing, most artists have the wrong goal…

Most artists want their drawings to look like they can draw really well, but…

People don’t want to look at your drawings because they look like you can draw…

People want to look at your drawings because…

they are interesting.  The best artists are not the best skilled artists…

they are artists who are original!

The #1 secret for being an amazing artist is to learn some simple techniques and then make the drawings your own.

Cool things to draw is dedicated to showing you how to bring the amazing artist that is inside of you out!

Don’t believe me?  Here is a great example….

This amazing artist got fired from Disney…but everyone loves his art!

Watch this little known video!  It is old and not great quality but the message holds the most important secret to drawing cool things that people love to look at!

WARNING:  You’ll be SHOCKED How EASY it is for you to DRAW after…

Learning FROM the BEST & CHEESIEST drawing teacher on the planet!

Don’t make this mistake…

Don’t ignore the amazing and easy drawing tips and tricks that are found in this video.

GET OVER the “OLD” look of this video and UNLOCK the Awesome ARTIST you HAVE inSide!

There are so many fundamental drawing ideas and tricks in this drawing tutorial that…

I’ve placed it first on the list of cool things to draw, but…

If you are just beginning to learn how to draw,

you’ll quickly take the ideas from this awesome artist and start using them in your own creations.

I love this video because it goes beyond just step-by-step drawings.  It teaches you…


WARNING:  If you watch this drawing tutorial, you’ll get addicted to drawing in 3-d…

There is a SECRET to Better Drawings That Takes Less Than 30 seconds to Master and the best thing about it is…

After you master this trick, all of your drawings will get instantly better!

What’s the drawing secret?

Fight the White

Fight the White?  What does that mean?

Fighting the white means that you, as the person drawing, control the white space on the drawing.

You’ll be amazed by this simple trick.

Create a very simple drawing of a person using only a black pen.

Don’t over think it.  Don’t add any details and don’t color.Take only 1-2 minutes.

Now, watch what happens when you try this cool drawing trick…

Simply, color with pattern?  What?

That’s right, color with pattern!

Watch this video.  Pick one of the patterns in it and fill that pattern in the hat, shirt or pants of the character you drew.

Amazing!  You have just learned how to fight the white!  Keep going and you’ll see that your simple drawing looks ten times as good!

Why not learn to draw from the master of comic books?  

This video is older, but it will teach beginning artist some great basic drawing fundamentals.

You are bound to get inspired after watching this…

If you’re a younger artist, you might not be aware of how many characters Stan Lee has created with his writing and sketches.

It is best to learn the basics from one of the best and then develop your own signature style.

I searched around to find a the best online video tutorial for you.  Here it is!

Get out the paper and pencil, you will need it to after this ignites your imagination!

Solid and strong drawing techniques are provided in this next video.

It is quick, but

you will discover a more modern take on drawing.

Again, learn the fundamentals first and you will get lots of your own drawing ideas for characters and art.

Beginning artists looking for cool things to draw can learn so much from just watching experts draw.

Here is another great drawing tutorial that anyone can follow along with.  There are a lot of great little techniques and tips in this video.


There is another amazing drawing technique that can make your drawings awesome…

Give your drawings energy!

One of the easiest ways to do this is learning how to draw things that look like they are moving.  What better way to do this than to learn from artists who do it all the time…


Try to draw something called the walk cycle.  This is something every animator has to be able to do make their cartoons move but you can do it to help you…

make your drawings amazing!

Watching this video can give you some basics about how to make cool characters…

How to Draw A COOL Character

What does it take come up with a drawing that turns into a world famous character?

Here is a great little drawing video that is sure to give beginning artists lots of ideas and…

it is just plain fun to watch!

Would you like to learn to draw a cat?

Watch this video to see how the creator of Garfield (Jim Davis) draws.  You see how he uses just a few simple shapes to draw along with one great drawing tip…

A FEW GOOD Drawing Tips Can Instantly Make Your Drawings Better!

Here is a great video with some very simple ideas that will lead to cool things to draw!